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Canadians are known for flying the coop when the harsh winters hit, but sunny vacations aren’t just for snowbirds flocking to Florida. All-inclusive packages are high on the wish list for those wanting surf and sand and there are dozens of packagers providing vacations to the Caribbean, Central and South America from the great north.

For Caribbean escapes, the cheapest flights and packages come from major city centers like Toronto and Vancouver, and the best deals are to be found in the summer months, when demand is not as high, but the beaches are just as nice. In the winter months the choices endless with direct flights to Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Mexico just to name a few, but expect to pay a premium for vacations around Christmas and New Years.

Costa Rica offers surfing and untouched beaches for those who want more of an adventure; Honduras is gaining popularity by their cheaper all-inclusive hotels. Keep in mind flights are much longer and more expensive to this on-the-rise island oasis.

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