Vancouver Restaurant Deals

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Vancouver’s coastal location on the Pacific has made is the culinary nerve centre for Asian cuisine in Canada. There is an abundance of sushi restaurants (more than six hundred, in fact), from upscale sashimi to quick all-you-can-eat joints, Vancouver serves up the best in the country. Japadogs are a must try street food, a spin on the classic American snack topped with Japanese ingredients.

Seafood is plentiful, think oyster bars and fish shops galore, and chefs in this environmentally-conscious city are all about sustainable ingredients. There are dozens of farmers’ markets to find local culinary delights, and the food truck scene is thriving in this city with a melting pot of cuisines to try from tacos to Belgian waffles.

World-renown restaurants serve up haute-cuisine multicourse tasting menus in Gastown and Yaletown, while Granville Island is a must-see for foodies with the Public Market and tons of little spots to sit down for a meal.

Vancouver Restaurant Deals

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