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Flavours of the region.

There’s more on the menu than barbecue and chili (though you’ll taste the best of both). From award-winning fine dining to seafood shacks, steakhouses and saloons, the state is a big delight for food lovers. You’ll want to raise a glass to made-in-Texas wines, too; there are more than 200 vineyards to choose from.

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Wide-open spaces.

The state’s epic landscapes and cinematic vistas were made to be explored. Spring-fed rivers, lakes and hundreds of kilometres of coastline lend themselves to fishing, kayaking and boating. Trails offer endless variety to hikers, while its place on the migratory route makes Texas a birder’s paradise.

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A variety of sounds.

How big is Texas? Big enough to give rise to homegrown musicians as different as Willie Nelson, Janis Joplin, Edie Brickell, Selena and Beyoncé. Whether your tastes run to classic country or indie rock, Tejano or the blues, you’ll love the live vibe of Texas’ dusty honky-tonks, eclectic clubs and outdoor stages.

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Amusement for all ages.

The outsized attractions and colourful culture of Texas will delight children of every age. Plan a family-friendly itinerary around the state’s stunning beaches, legendary fairs or hands-on museums -- or just let whimsy lead the way. Chances are you’ll enjoy that riverboat cruise or old-time soda fountain as much as they do.

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Ranches and rodeos.

In Texas, you don’t have to look hard to find the Wild West. Saddle up and herd cattle at a working dude ranch, or star in your own Western as you explore landmark scenery on horseback. And there’s no better place to visit than the rodeo, where the high-spirited spin on modern cowboy culture often comes complete with livestock shows.

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