Top 20 Deals So Hot We Pulled Out Our Own Credit Cards

Oct 28, 2015
Raindrops on roses. Whiskers on kittens. HOT DEALS.

This week’s list of my favorite things ...

Vegas Prices Continue to Blow Me Away

What can you get for $39? About 13 cups of Starbucks coffee. A babysitter in NYC for less than 3 hours. Or a night at one of Vegas’ newest foodie destinations.  Vegas -- especially between now and mid-December – is inexpensive, but it always blows my mind to see some of the world’s swankiest hotels for the same cost as Wi-Fi in other hotels.

What I especially love is that weekends are only $79 and that every night guests get to pick from five culinary experiences at celebrity restaurants (think: cotton candy foie gras or two green tea margaritas).  What don’t I love? That Vegas resorts get you with "resort fees" to access amenities that should come with your nightly stay. SLS is no different – at $29/night it’s nearly the cost of your room but the saving grace is that a night here still costs less than $70 and is one of the best deals on The Strip.

I’m Going to Iceland

I’m booking this deal. How’s that for an endorsement? I actually said to my husband last night: We’re going to Iceland, pick January or February. The northern lights are on my "must see" list, and winter gives you the best shot of witnessing them. What I love best about this package is that there are a TON of departure dates to choose from, and many include Wednesday or Thursday night departures – which means a long weekend exploring Iceland.

Want to feel like the ultimate jetsetting bad*ss? When asked "Oh hey, what are you up to next weekend," answer "just popping over to Iceland." Drop mic. Walk away.

I Love That New Car Smell!

Our deal experts negotiated deals at some of the newest – and nicest – resorts across the country:


I’m sorry, did I just yell that?

Here’s what you need to know: you’re not flying with chickens on the back of a FedEx plane nor are you staying at the Ritz. Hotels are well-reviewed and this trip takes you to Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Wuxi. The catch: it’s a shopping trip. As in, shops have deals with these tours to drop tourists off so they can try to sell you a handmade suit and some jade. There’s no obligation to purchase anything and if you don’t mind trading a little peer pressure for the least expensive way to get to China, there is a huge cultural learning opportunity here.

The Most Luxurious Safari We’ve Ever Seen

On the other end of the spectrum, this South Africa Safari vacation is the most luxurious package we’ve seen. It’s pricy, there’s no doubt about that, but for those looking to make this their big bucket-list stop in Africa, it still saves more than $3500 vs. trying to put this together yourself.

It’s serious VIP style: stays at the 5-star Table Bay Hotel -- perpetual winner of Conde Nast Traveler awards and among the nicest hotels in all of Africa and the Middle East, helicopter rides, hot air balloons over the African bush, high tea and THIS place:

Publisher Chris Vassil stayed at this lodge, and when I asked him to describe it in one sentence I received: “AMAZEBALLS.” The best part? This price, while expensive at $4998 per person, is available from over 25 cities.

Now Is the Time to Rio

The city is prepping for the Olympics. The crowds haven’t descended, and we’re seeing crazy coast-to-coast prices on flights to Brazil. In many cases there’s a lengthy layover, so plan to spend a night in Houston before getting down to South America. But if you look at it as a ‘free stop over in texas!’ you’re saving nearly 50% on the normal cost of these tickets, when you visit through the end of the year.

A Floating All-Inclusive For less than $60 per Day:

Accommodations, meals, open bar, transportation between Caribbean islands – all for $57 per person, per night in late fall and early winter. If you wanted to do the same thing on solid land, it would cost you nearly twice as much.

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