Here's What's Up: London Calling, Tough Tables, Conan Goes Armenian & More

Nov 20, 2015
Hello again, all you Travelzoo animals! Welcome to Here’s What’s Up, everyone’s favorite TZ blog post where we wrap up the weekly trending topics in travel, leisure, culture and lifestyle. When you’re ready for the weekend, check in here for vacation daydreams and travel nightmares, insider tips and Instagram trips, dos and don’ts, blogs and vlogs, OMGs, LOLs, and everything in between.

This week we’re delivering the latest from @TeamCoco, @CNNTravel, @BrainStuffHSW, @NatGeoTravel and more!

Good Week For …

Irishmen looking for travel tips to Armenia -- Conan O’Brien is the literal opposite of a Kardashian, but he takes it in (long) stride as he fumbles his way around an Armenian marketplace. He chats with the passersby, samples local delicacies (including “Armenian Viagra”), and stands out like a sorer thumb than Rick Steves ever has in this hilarious video from @TeamCoco.

Bad Week For …

Brainiac foodies – apparently these nine restaurants are harder to get into than Harvard! Get on the waiting list at CNN Travel.

Did You Know … ?

How déjà vu works? Wait, did I already ask you that? Learn why you could swear you’ve been here before, sitting at this desk, reading this blog post, drinking this spiked peppermint mocha at work ... BrainStuff explains!  

From the Blogs & Beyond

Is 12 hours enough time to properly “do” a city? Sure! We’re inspired to tour the world at lightning speed — and in really cute outfits — after drooling over the colorful and sartorial travel guides at With minute-to-minute itineraries that cover art, fashion, shopping, eating, sightseeing, and people watching, founders Anna and Soren will show you how to have a perfect day in a perfect city. Check out a cool and cultured sprint around Copenhagen here!


Quiz Time!

London Calling! Whether you’re planning a trip to the UK or just consider yourself a registered Anglophile, test your crumpets (no idea what that means) with this London Pop Culture quiz at Nat Geo Travel!

Photo from Flickr by Anna & Michal

This Week We’re Dreaming About ...

Holiday Gifts!!! (Can you believe it’s already that time??) Besides your obvious answers within the Travelzoo Holiday Gift Guide, we found an adorable option for the quirky traveler on your list: The Everywhere Box is an exclusive collection of 42 travel guides, all off-beat, colorful, and specialized — from "How to Find the Old New York" to "The Raymond Chandler Map of Los Angeles," you can take a superfun trip around the world during your lunch break! Plus, it all comes tied up in a custom holiday gift box so cute it hurts. Buy me one! Messy Nessy Chic has more.

Instagrammer of the Week

Meet Elise, aka roundtheworldgirl, who posts peeks of her wild life (wild like wilderness) as she explores the beautiful natural world.

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