Get the Best Eats When Traveling with the Zagat App

Oct 26, 2016
Ever been on a road trip and pull off the highway at the sight of a familiar fast food sign? The drive has been long, you’re hungry, and suddenly McDonald’s never looked more delicious.

It never takes long for me to immediately regret it. I should’ve just waited. Or better yet, I should’ve had Zagat’s new iPhone app to help me find a more quality eatery nearby.

For over 35 years, Zagat has been a trusted voice of authority for consumers looking for a restaurant worth going to. Zagat sorts through the clutter of dining options, gathers customer feedback on top eateries, and then distills “the consensus view into that one crystalline review you need” so that you can spend more time eating and less time sorting and browsing.

Thanks to Zagat’s new iPhone app refresh, all of this is now available at just the tap of your finger. Those days of settling for fast food is long gone, and you can now quickly find high-quality dining options and all the best Zagat-rated restaurants near you at any time. So the next time you’re on the road, before you pull off the highway at the sight of McDonald’s, think about all the great restaurants, regional food and authentic dining experiences nearby that you could be having instead.

To download Zagat’s free iPhone app, click here. And to learn about my favorite Zagat app features when traveling, click here.

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