Electronic Signature “How To” Guide

Sep 8, 2015


You are now part of the Travelzoo® Local Deals family of select Merchants. We understand the work it has taken to get to this point and are pleased to assist you in the creation and promotion of your Local Deal and appreciate your partnership.

Travelzoo Local Deals now has the ability to accept electronic signatures on all documents necessary to publish your Local Deal. This is a fast, easy and secure way to finalize the deal before it goes live on our website! This “How To” guide will walk you through the steps in our electronic signature process.

The Process

Your Local Deals Business Development Manager will send you an email containing one or more hyperlinks to the following documents which require your initials and signature for approval:
  • Merchant Agreement
  • Capacity Worksheet
  • Voucher
  • W-9
Follow these steps for each document hyperlink you receive.

Step 1

Click on the hyperlink for the first document listed in the email.

Step 2

The link will automatically direct you to the corresponding document on our secure site.

Step 3

Review the content on the first page for accuracy. If you have no changes to the content you are ready to approve this page. Click anywhere in the blue box next to “Initial Here” or on the “Initial” arrow on the right hand side. *If you do not agree with the content at any point during the review process please contact your Travelzoo Local Deals Business Development Manager.

Step 4

Enter and review your initials in the pop up box—or if you prefer to manually draw your initials—click "I would like to draw my initials." Use your mouse to manually draw your initials. Click the “Apply” button to accept your initials.

Step 5

Click “Next” to continue to the next page. Repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 as required until you reach the end of the document. There are multiple pages that require your initials in each document.

Step 6

Enter your company name and then click “Next."

Step 7

Click anywhere in the yellow “Signed” box that says Click to Sign.

Step 8

Type in your full name or select “I would like to draw my signature”. Review your signature and then click “Apply."

Step 9

Click “Next” and enter your job title in the space provided.

Step 10

To finish signing this document click the “Click to eSign” button.

Your signed documents will be securely emailed to both you and Travelzoo Local Deals!

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