5 Photos That Prove This Is the Coolest Hotel in Newport

Feb 12, 2016
When we think of Newport, Rhode Island, we imagine Old World mansions, quaint B&Bs and nautical-themed shops and decor. One boutique hotel, however, deviates from the Newport norms and pays homage to the area's Gilded Age.

Apart from its bold design, the Gilded holds our attention with a deal for $109 per night into spring, including breakfast.

Here's a preview of what is in store for you at the coolest hotel in Newport.

"The property plays on the charms of the area’s famed Gilded Age while providing essential modern amenities" (The New York Times).  The rooms, while appropriately opulent, feature LED Smart TVs and iPads with location information.

You won't find anything standard about this breakfast spread. The menu takes a unique spin on traditional morning fare with a collection of small plates like grapefruit and avocado tostada and bananas brulee.

Relaxation comes in the form of "G and Tea" time while lounging on a bright purple chaise lounge. Note: the hotel provides the chasers and the guests bring the booze.

Everything in this hotel is unique, including the custom-made billiards table.

With a travel window into spring, you'll be just in time to post up on the porch, and in true Gilded fashion, play a round of croquet in the outdoor courtyard.

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