10 Photos That Will Make You Drop Everything and Plan a Trip to the Newest W Resort in Mexico

Jun 12, 2017

The "W" in W Punta Mita stands for wow. Well, not really, but after looking at these pictures, that's the one word that comes to mind.


1. Want to get away from it all? There's nothing but jungle and beach surrounding the property.

2. Even the rooms feel like secluded bungalows.

3. Ceviche tastes freshest when eaten from a truck on the beach just steps from the ocean.

4. Looking for a room? How about a mini house instead?

5. Now that's what you call a pool.

6. The neon green bikes are yours for the taking. Or, if exercise is forbidden on your vacation, the tuk-tuk service is free of charge, too.

7. If you forget you're in Mexico, the inspired room decor will remind you, along with the ocean view.

8. No detail is too small. Just look at the mosaic "sunway" stretching all the way from the welcome desk.

9. Resort and art museum all in one. You'll spot vibrant Huichol artwork throughout the property.

10. The best part about staying in a secluded enclave: little to no beach traffic.


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