Ocean Cruise: "I want to see the world."

Sep 27, 2018

Whether you're sailing the idyllic South Pacific, country-hopping within vibrant Asia or traversing an entire ocean from coast to coast on a transatlantic or transpacific cruise, ocean cruising offers everything to everyone.

Ocean liners are the resorts of the sea; they come with every possible experience for the holidaymaker. Grand in size and designed to offer the ultimate leisure experience, there is something new to discover every day. 

Named 'Australia's Best Cruise Line' at the 2018 AFTA National Travel Industry Awards, Royal Caribbean® knows what it takes to create memories that last forever - no matter who's dreaming. And with immersive holidays on some of the largest ships at sea, and experiences catering to multigenerational diversity, adrenaline junkies, culinary crusaders, families, and couples can find something they love on one of its 25 ships that traverse sought-after ports. 

From water parks, luxurious spas, swimming pools, nightly entertainment, rock climbing walls, casinos, mini-golf courses, exhilarating ziplines, ice skating rinks and an abundance of restaurants to choose from, you'll never be bored while sailing from one country to the next. Plus, with all of this included in your package price you'll be pleasantly surprised at how far your holiday dollars stretch, pricing is designed with affordability in mind.

Ready for an ocean cruise? These state-of-the-art ships can fulfill a continent-to-continent adventure. Royal Caribbean® features a range of Australia to USA itineraries where you'll stop off at the bone-white beaches of Fiji, Vanuatu and Tahiti before reaching the emerald landscapes of Hawaii. Or, traverse the Atlantic Ocean from Florida to London taking in the turquoise Bahamas, Puerto Rico, cosmopolitan Barcelona, Copenhagen, Greenland, and Iceland. 

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