Bucket List 2019: Japan

Dec 17, 2018

Japan is a visual phenomenon at any time of year. Spring brings the ever-changing colours of pink-hued cherry blossoms, autumn blankets cities and parks in vibrant crimson and orange leaves, the north is cloaked in ghost-white snow during winter and summer brings sun-soaked forests; it's always a good time to visit Japan.


Along with the seasonal contrasts within the country, there are also vast differences in futuristic, neon-lit Tokyo which is well-known for its ultramodern skyscrapers blended in among historic temples. Harajuku is an area of town which doubles as an outdoor catwalk as fashion-forward individuals walk the streets showing off colourful Japanese fashion, while Kamakura - just south of the city - is where you'll experience medieval Japan full of Shinto shrines and Buddhist Zen temples. 

Kyoto, the former imperial capital of Japan, is a cultural and historical hub with more than 1600 temples and shrines. You can spend your days walking around ancient sites, including  Heian Shinto Shrine, and Nijo Castle, while a visit to Hiroshima will take you back to the dark history of World War 2 and the infamous atomic bomb.

Natural delights in Japan include Miyajima, a small island with emerald forests and ancient temples, proud Mt Fuji standing well above the clouds (3,776 meters above sea level) and the blooming Kenrokuen Garden. 

Tip: Japan will be on the global stage in 2019 as Rugby fans all over the world flock to the Landing of the Rising Sun for the World Cup. Lock in tours for Japan before the rest of the world catches on.  

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