Bucket List 2019: Africa

Dec 16, 2018

Far from the usual safari holiday, Namibia is a kingdom of its own. Home to some of the most captivating landscapes on earth; sunburnt-orange sand dunes, vast canyons, and the shipwreck-lined Skeleton Coast as well as a diverse culture.

Within the one country, there are 12 ethnic groups and over 30 languages spoken. Among the melting pot of tribes who represent humankind's past - and also its present - is the Himba Tribe. Semi-nomadic and true to their traditions, Himba people roam the remote Northwest corner of Namibia where women smear their skin in a flawless mixture of ochre, butter, and ash. Visits to the Himba tribe and some of the other indigenous groups in the area provide a rare opportunity to interact with other cultures. Namibia is also a great place to see wildlife and in Etosha National Park you can spot the Big Five while also visiting an other-worldly salt pan that can be seen from space.  

Landlocked and rich in vibrant jade jungle, Botswana is a stark contrast to its vast desert neighbour. Home to the largest population of elephants in the world and the mighty Okavango Delta, the country is a haven for wildlife viewing. Board a boat on the Chobe River and watch a herd of elephants playfully splash around, see hippos semi-submerged among lily pads and watch crocodiles lazily laying on the river’s edge. We recommend staying inside the Chobe National Park - there are a number of resorts to choose from -  where you can head down to a watering hole lit with a floodlight at night and watch the dynamics of the animal kingdom unfold.  

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