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Sarah Storey: Paralympic Champion and Top 20 Guest-Editor

Bursting with only the best travel and entertainment deals, the Top 20 newsletter remains one of Travelzoo's most exciting publications. However, there is always room for a fresh perspective, so this year we've embarked on a special "Guest Editor" project, partnering with inspiring and well-travelled role models who stand for excellence in their field (just as we do!).

With that in mind, we approached Dame Sarah Storey to be our first Travelzoo Guest Editor. Winner of 11 gold, eight silver and three bronze medals in six Paralympic Games, Dame Sarah's international career spans more than two decades and has seen her become the most decorated female Paralympian in British history. At London 2012, she topped the country's medal table and has now broken 70 world records in 11 events across two sports -- swimming and cycling -- competing in some as an able-bodied athlete.

Sarah's versatility, determination, team spirit and sheer talent put her in a class above the rest, so we were delighted when the mum-to-be took time out of her packed schedule to visit our Manchester office and become a Travelzoo Deal Expert for the day! Sarah not only helped with the rigorous testing of deals for this week's Top 20, she also gave us plenty of tips for what, in this champion's experience, makes a holiday worthwhile -- you'll find them scattered throughout this edition. A true inspiration at the top of her game, we’re so pleased to have Sarah as our inaugural Guest Editor.

Check out this week's Top 20, guest-edited by Sarah!