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Where to Stay in New York?

While Midtown is a popular and convenient area to stay in New York, it's hard to find hotel deals sometimes. Hotels in Times Square do offer discounts, but the Wall Street area is where you can get more for your pound. Since the area is heavily business-orientated, weekends can be slow and hotels readjust their rates to entice visitors. The best hotel deals in Manhattan are generally near Wall Street at the weekend. However, if you're determined to be in the thick of it, the swathe from 2nd to 9th avenue, from 16th to 59th street will get you with in easy access of most of Manhattan's famous districts. Going further Uptown will keep you close to Central Park, which means the prices may not be any more appealing and you're likely to be farther away from the attractions of the City.    

Brooklyn's increasing popularity is making it a second option for accommodation. In the last few years, South Brooklyn alone has welcomed at least five new hotels with easy access to the City. There are hotels just at the pedestrian entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge, along Atlantic Avenue in Cobble Hill, and some boutique hotels along 4th Avenue in Park Slope.You'll have a unique experience and possibly benefit from useful local knowledge.

New York Accommodation Options

New York City has no lack of accommodation choices. There are guesthouses and B&Bs, hostels, cheap hotels, mid-range hotels, very expensive hotels and flats to rent. It's harder to find guesthouses in Manhattan but there are a number in Brooklyn and Queens. All the major hotel chains are represented, of course, and Hilton, W, Westin, Holiday Inn, Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton, Marriott and Hyatt have at least one outpost in the city.  

While it may be familiar to go with a chain, don't overlook the hundreds of independent hotels in the New York City area. From B&Bs in the heart of the East Village to boutiques with views of the City in Brooklyn, there's something for every taste. 

New York Hotel Recommendations?

The Hotel on Rivington is one of the City's new, trendy hotels. Located in the Lower East Side, the hotel was one of the first boutique hotels in the City and its bar became an instant hit with celebrities and locals alike.

The Embassy Suites Battery Park offers great value for money. All rooms have a separate sitting room and there is a free cocktail hour in the hotel's atrium every evening. The hotel is right next to Battery Park, and while it's not in the centre of it all, its proximity to almost every Subway line makes it easy to get most places in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

There are also the classic New York hotels. The Algonquin, which was home to Dorothy Parker and the famous Round Table. The Chelsea Hotel, which has famously hosted musicians and artists, has its rooms uniquely decorated to suit the tastes of some of its most popular guests. The Jumeirah Essex House hotel boasts some of the most impressive views of Central Park from its perch on 59th street.

Transport in New York

Newark International Airport is reachable by New Jersey Transit trains, which come into Penn Station, or by taxi. John F Kennedy is connected to the Subway by the AirTrain from Queens and Brooklyn. La Guardia is reachable by a bus from the Subway in Queens.

While in New York, the easiest and quickest way to get around is the Subway. Taxis are abundant, but with the city's one-way street grid pattern, if traffic is clogged it can be far slower than going underground.

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