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Where to Stay in Beirut?

Beirut, Lebanon is a small city with a large personality. Visitors to the city are frequently amazed at Beirut's historic architecture and lively mix of cultures. Food, drink and transport in the city is often inexpensive, however, some work might be required to find a cheap hotel in Beirut.The compact size of central Beirut means that it is easy to see most of the city in a short amount of time. Still, some neighborhoods in the city are more welcoming to tourists than others. The Hamra and Ras Beirut areas are best for the traveller on a budget, as they are close to the city's major universities. These two neighborhoods are full of popular restaurants and well-known cafes, as well as plenty of shops for souvenir purchases. Visitors interested in nightlife should stay in the Ashrafieh neighbourhood, home to Beirut's largest concentration of pubs and late-night restaurants. Ashrafieh is also the home of Sassine and Sodeco Squares, popular shopping areas for locals and tourists alike. At the centre of the city is the Beirut Central District, an area of the city rebuilt, at great expense, after Lebanon's civil war. Many of Beirut's most stunning attractions, such as the massive Mohammed Al-Amin Mosque and the Place D'Etoile are here.

Beirut Accommodation Options

Budget accommodations in Beirut can be difficult to find, unfortunately. Most inexpensive hotels and other lodging are found in the Hamra and Ras Beirut districts, in close proximity to many cafes and restaurants. Most hotels in central Beirut, particularly those located in the Central District or near the waterfront, cater to business or luxury travelers. Many of these hotels are comfortable, clean, and have popular amenities such as pools or cafes. If you want a discount hotel rate in Beirut, it is best to come at the weekend, when substantial discounts can be found at many hotels.With over 80 hotels ranging from skyscrapers in the heart of the city to smaller edifices on the outskirts with stunning ocean views, Beirut is equipped to handle the needs of any guest. About half the city’s hotels contain their own restaurants.

Beirut Hotel Recommendations?

Napoli Hotel is located in the heart of Beirut. You will find yourself right on the Hamra Main Street amidst all the city's best restaurants, cafes, shops and night life. Napoli Hotel is suitable for families as well as singles and couples. Apart from the great location the hotel offers a 24-hour reception, a hammam, and room service. There is an ATM on site. Hotel Padava is located in the business district of Sin el Fil, It is walking distance from major malls, chic shops, art galleries, banks, restaurants, pubs, nightclubs and only 10 minutes from Beirut's International Airport and 5 minutes from down-town Beirut. Hotel Padova is an ideal choice for business travellers and holiday makers. There is wireless internet and balconies overlooking the city in all rooms. Ten minutes' drive from the airport and a short walk from Downtown Beirut, the Palm Beach Hotel stands tall over the Mediterranean sea , with Mount Lebanon providing a stunning backdrop in the distance. The Welcome is genuine and warm, and the hotel provides cosy accommodation for your comfort. Every room is unique from Orientalism to western style, classical to modern.