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Visit your favourite movie: Philly, Paris, Petra, Greece, LA

There's nothing more comforting when you're in an unfamiliar place than stumbling across somewhere that you've seen a dozen times before. Finding a shooting location from your favourite film is like stepping into the scene -- you can almost see the actors standing next to you and hear their lines echoing around.

Many famous scenes were shot in popular destinations and are well worth the visit for all film buffs -- even if it's just to get the ultimate Facebook photo. Here are just a few.

Philadelphia: "Rocky"
Pretend to race the famous pugilist up the 72 steps leading to the columned entrance of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. If you're a fan, it may be hard to resist donning a grey hoodie and black hat -- just make sure you've got someone to capture the image when you reach the top.

Paris: "Amélie"
The hype that surrounded "Amélie" following its release made the film an instant classic -- 12 years on the dust has settled, but Montmatre is still a Parisian wonderland of steep, narrow streets and romantic buildings. Head to the Sacré-Coeur, where you can take a spin on the neon-lit carousel, climb the winding steps and look out over the city through the yellow binoculars. Close by, you'll find the Café des Deux Moulins, where the title character worked -- sip on a cup of coffee on the bright-red leather chairs or sit outside and watch the characters of Amélie's world go by.

Petra, Jordan: "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade"
Go in search of the Holy Grail in the Canyon of the Crescent Moon, or, as it's known to anyone who's not seen the Indiana Jones movies, Petra. This fantastical landscape of rose-red stone buildings built into cliff faces is one of the Middle East's most mesmerising spectacles. The building you'll recognise most is Al Khazneh, or the Treasury, which you can access either on foot or by camel from the entrance of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Skopelos, Greece: "Mamma Mia!"
In 2008, you couldn't move a muscle in the world of cinema without bumping into "Mamma Mia!" It was the huge feel-good hit that the world needed, and the crowds flocked to the fictional setting of Kalokairi. In reality, this was the Greek island of Skopelos, home to fewer than 5000 people. The idyllic church used for the wedding is the Convent of Agios Ioannis Prodromos, which perches perilously 100 metres above the Aegean Sea.

Los Angeles: "Blade Runner"
The vision of 2019 Los Angeles presented in "Blade Runner" doesn't look as if it's likely to come true (thankfully) -- however, its view of Deckard's apartment block, broken down and in a state of disrepair, is very much already here. Ennis House, a mansion built by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1924 on a hilltop in LA's Los Feliz district, is based on Mayan architecture and conjures up visions of a world in ruin. The concrete blocks used in construction started crumbling shortly after the house was completed. It was bought by billionaire Ron Burkle two years ago, and will be repaired soon, so you'll have to be quick to see Ridley Scott's fiction in real life.

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