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Thomas Cook Set to Launch APD-Free Sale

When it comes to Air Passenger Duty (APD), it’s not often that we get to report good news. We’ll happily break with tradition for this though – Thomas Cook will be launching a massive APD-free sale on long-haul holidays later this month, effectively dropping prices by up to £83 per person or £324 for a family of four.

The sale will run from 24 August-13 September, with the discount valid on travel between 1 November and 31 October, 2013. For anyone planning a long-haul getaway in the next year or so, it’s a massive boost – particularly given that the government is set to increase APD further in 2013. A family of four travelling to Florida will save £268, while the same group heading to Mexico will qualify for the maximum £324 discount.

A Thomas Cook spokesperson said: "Our offer just highlights the extortionate amount holidaymakers have to pay whilst hopefully making long-haul getaways more accessible."

He’s got a point you know – we Brits pay roughly 400% more on air passenger tax than almost all our continental counterparts.

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Thursday, 16 August 2012
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