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The Greek Question

Strikes in Greece are hitting the news, but deals are still there for the taking.

Figures released by The Co-operative Travel on 30 June show that travel to Greece has dropped 15% compared to the same week last year.

News stories about strikes and riots in Athens, and talks of another Greece bailout, have certainly not helped boost visitor numbers. “Events this year have really shaken public confidence in certain countries,” says Mike Greenacre, managing director of The Co-operative Travel. “People don’t want to gamble with their holiday and North African countries and now Greece have suffered”.

But how risky is it to travel to Greece? At the moment the Foreign & Commonwealth Office does not advise against travel to Greece. However, it does recommend exercising caution in major urban centres where strikes have been concentrated. 

So far, however, it seems the Greek islands have been pretty undisturbed by the protest. And there are some great bargains around. For example, we found an all-inclusive holiday for travel in the shoulder season (between summer and winter) for just £299 per person.

Also available is an all-inclusive week for travel in the summer holidays for £399.

Obviously, it’s important to keep monitoring the situation in Greece, but – as many travellers flocks to Portugal, Spain and Malta – there are certainly good deals to be found in the Greek Islands.

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