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Guest Editor Sarah Storey on Staying in Shape on Holiday

This week, we welcomed Paralympic heroine Sarah Storey to our Manchester office to be a Guest Editor on the Top 20. We asked her for recommendations for staying fit while on holiday, and here's what she told us:

Holidays are a time for having fun, escaping from the stresses and strains of work and spending some quality time with family and friends, so you don't really want to think about having to stay in shape. However, if you are conscious of needing to fit into a specific outfit when you get home, or are counting the calories for some other reason, here are some simple ways of keeping the weight off without having to miss out on treats:

  1. Have a sorbet instead of an ice cream
  2. Choose a low-calorie cocktail, or better still stick to champagne!
  3. Take the stairs in the hotel
  4. Go for a long walk along the beach or in the shallow waves two or three times a day. This is a great way of catching the sun, keeping cool and keeping your legs toned
  5. Try an exotic fruit dessert instead of cake
  6. Spend a day going to see something of interest nearby
  7. Spend a day keeping up with the kids at a waterpark
  8. Always drink plenty of bottled water, especially if you are not sure the tap water is safe
  9. Don't skip breakfast -- you’ll only end up snacking on junk food before lunch
  10. Hire a bike and explore
  11. Check out the local watersports and learn to surf
  12. Go for a swim before breakfast to get the blood pumping
  13. Check out the activities on offer in your hotel or locally -- yoga is a popular way of relaxing and staying in shape
  14. Pack a picnic and go for a walk round the coast
  15. Relax! A smile is the best way to stay in shape

Here is this week's gold-standard Top 20.

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Wednesday, 6 March 2013
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