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Publisher's Roundup, 25 April

Relentless rain has finally broken our publisher. This week he sets off for Marrakesh and Malta, before heading back to London for the Sundance Film Festival 

£119 -- Marrakesh 4-Night Break w/City Tour, Save over £190
An idea becomes more and more solid in my mind with each Top 20 we send out. The ceaseless drizzle dampening everyone’s mood in the UK this week (except possibly for lawn owners) has only given that idea more form and colour. My idea is this: I will leave Britain -- permanently -- and travel around the world on one Top 20 travel deal after another. The point, you see, is that, as well as probably having quite a lot of fun, I bet I could easily save money that way. Take the deal above, to Marrakesh, for example. (Go on, do.) I’d be flown to north Africa, put up in a 4-star hotel, fed breakfast each day, lent a camel for the duration and given a tour of this fascinating ancient city for -- wait -- less than £30 a day. That’s the price of two breakfasts alone in many UK hotels, never mind the intercontinental travel. Watch out, carpet dealers: here I come! (I was making it up about the camel.)

£169 -- All-Inc Malta Beach Break fr 6 Airports, 50% Off
After my stint in the Maghreb, and abandoning Lucy, my much-loved two-hump, I might then continue the theme of Travelzoo destinations beginning with M and scoot over to Malta for another 4-night break. I’d be at even more of a loss to find things to spend money on here because, along with most of the goodies I was pampered with in Marrakesh, I’d get all meals and drinks thrown in. Reclining on my sun lounger at the 4-star Paradise Bay Resort, snaffled at an early hour, of course, I’d grab a stiff G&T and begin musing on the thrilling past of the now-sedate tourist spot I found myself in. The island was the scene of one of the most brutal and gruelling battles of early modern Europe, when the Muslim Ottomans failed to unseat the eponymous Knights of Malta from their seabound home. Suffice it to say that enemy heads became a common missile on both sides when the boulders ran out.

£13 -- 2 Tickets to Sundance London Film & Music Festival
OK, I’m being a little sacrilegious in including a non-travel deal in this roundup -- unless, if you’ll humour me a little longer, you were skipping around the world on Travelzoo deals and had to return to the UK to take it up. And what better way to pass the time (should you find yourself in a sodden country) than in a cinema, being transported in quite another way? Cinephiles will leap at a deal like this: tickets at around half the usual extortionate multiplex price, minus the hobgoblins munching popcorn and nattering all through the picture, plus the chance to see some of the most exciting new movies around. Robert Redford is moving his Sundance film festival from Utah to the UK for the first time this year. "Midnight  Cowboy" and "Reservoir Dogs" were among the movies that premiered at the original experimental-cinema get-together; who knows what we’ll discover when the lights go down at the festival’s British incarnation.

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Wednesday, 25 April 2012
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