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Publisher's Roundup, 16 May

£299 -- Return Flights to Toronto in Jun, Save over £200
Toronto? Boring? Well, I'll tell you something that's exciting about this Canadian city with a (deserved? We'll find out) reputation for dullness: the flights we've found there for close to half the usual price. A mere £299 to fly to a whole other continent? What's the world coming to!? Well, it's coming -- or, rather, came -- to Toronto. A sure-fire sign of a city's potential for excitement is the diversity of its inhabitants, and Toronto certainly scores here with one in two Torontinos born somewhere else. And you thought London was mixed. That cultural fusion makes for memorable stimulation of the tastebuds, to mention one great payoff. You'll find a feast of Korean noodle houses, all mixed up with Italian espresso joints and purveyors of curries that take no prisoners. And, when you've finally had your fill of T.O. -- as its citizens call it -- the city is a fine base for exploring the vast wilderness for which Canada is perhaps most renowned, or for moseying into Montreal and the rest of the French-speaking part of the country.

£339 -- Black Sea Summer Beach Week inc Meals, Save £190
Like Toronto, in a way, the Black Sea is yet to have its praises widely sung by UK holidaymakers. All the more reason, say we bargain-hunters at Travelzoo (and I'm sure our savvy subscribers would agree) to consider such a place for your next money-saving escape. Break down the costs of this holiday to Bulgaria, on the aforementioned dusky coast, and you'll soon see what good value it is. A week in summer at this 4-star resort, with temperatures reaching around 29 degrees during the day, will cost you less than £50 a day -- and that includes flying there. The watersports and other hedonistic pleasures of the truth-in-advertising-titled Sunny Beach should keep you amply entertained for the duration, but also consider exploring some of the more isolated beaches just to the north and south, and the fascinating ancient towns of Nesebar and Sozopol. Bulgaria's got enough going for it to become the next Costa del Sol. Just get there before everyone else reaches the same conclusion.

£41-£59 -- Flights from London to Northern Spain (Return)
And, lastly, here's another one of what I like to call our "cab fare" deals: namely, a flight from London that costs you little more than a ruinous black taxi ride within the capital. You'll notice we've put "northern Spain" in the headline; to be more specific, the Ryanair flights are to an appealing little coastal town called Santander -- yes, the very same as the Spanish bank now competing for us disillusioned savers, along with the big, tarnished British institutions. Seasonally speaking, one of the most appealing things about this ancient enclave -- a port city dating back to Roman times -- is its beaches, such as El Sardinero: a fat golden brushstroke of sand, backed by a promenade, arcing along the coast for more than a kilometre. But if you can drag yourself away from the water there are ample culinary diversions in the old centre of town, as well as a few musems exploring the twisting history of the settlement. Take a punt: with the cost of these fares -- some of the lowest we've seen to the region in aeons -- you can hardly lose.

Simon Busch is the UK publisher of the Top 20

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Wednesday, 16 May 2012
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