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Publisher's Round-up, 28 Mar

£219 -- Kefalonia 4-Star Week with Meals & Sea View
You've tried Kos and Corfu -- why not make a dash for Kefalonia? I'm frequently astounded by the rampant degree of Greek island ignorance out there. There are (by very generous definition) 6,000 such isles, yet the sun-seeking hordes make a ferry-line for a predictable handful -- those mentioned plus, perhaps, Crete, Santorini and Rhodes. Try following the money, instead, specifically the purchase by the emir of Qatar, one Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, of six gorgeous little islands in the Echinades chain as presents for his children. Jealous? Why be? Did the emir consider that he, or his no doubt hardworking kids, might get bored of taking a bucket-and-spade holiday on the same Greek islands every year? Be free and treat those aforementioned 6,000 mooring spots like meze, a kind of Greek smorgasbord, and try a different one every year. 

Here we hold out the tempting starter of Kefalonia, hymned by some sun-struck Times journalist for its "unspoilt beauty spots, cosy tavernas and easy pace of life" -- for a price that resembles the size of the Greek economy at present and is also an appealing alternative to those nice and easy (but tiny bit boring!) Greek islands you've probably already been to. 

£369 -- 3-Night Iceland Escape w/Glacier Walking, Save £210
Speaking of banks -- and is there really any other topic these days? -- Iceland used to be just far too expensive a place for Travelzoo to publish deals to. It was too far away from everywhere else, it had to import everything and it had a high standard of living to look after, thank you very much. Then, like everywhere else, Iceland's banks went on an orgy of overspending before bursting and shrivelling the krona. Now it's cheaper: OK, not Greek islands cheap but the deal above, certainly the best in the market, would have been unthinkable five years ago. 

Plus, with this offer, you get to do something whose real value (you'll remember it for a lifetime) is hard to place. I've been glacier-walking in Iceland. True, it feels somehow wrong, as if you're clambering over some enormous, slippery, slumbering primordial animal, but it's tremendously exciting for, no doubt, that very reason. 

£15 -- Day Trip to the Channel Islands from Poole, Reg £30
Now, this really is a ridiculous price. What else will £15 get you? Four pints? A gourmet pizza? A 3-second back massage in Covent Garden? Or a trip to the Channel Islands. This is something our primordial, wode-smeared British ancestors probably never did in their lives, even if it was only over the water! Come on, Travelzooers -- get on that boat.

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Thursday, 28 March 2013
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