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Publisher's Round-up, 10 April

So what does "adults only" really mean?

£399 & up -- Sale: 'Live Like a Local' Europe Tours, 33% Off
We publish the occasional "adults only" tour on Travelzoo and, yes, we admit they sound a bit risqué. We’re not offering the same sorts of delights as one of our competitors was promoting today: "2-Nt Swingers’ Breaks for 2." No, for us, adults only means "no kids", which can be a big turn on indeed if you like your holidays placid and tranquil.

But this week we’re publishing another very adult kind of tour. No droning guide or air-conditioned coach here to shepherd you from one predictable sight to another: instead you get the chance to stay with a bunch of other independent-minded travellers in characterful local accommodation that’s about as far from a drab, cookie-cutter hotel as you can imagine.

No, you’re not treated like a baby on one of these G Adventures trips to places such as Sicily, Provence or Iceland.  There may be a tour guide of sorts, in the form of someone called a Chief Experience Officer, but his or her role is like that of an old friend whose Tuscan farmhouse you’re staying in: letting you in on the local secrets, plus organising the odd delicious meal.

This is rather like tailor-made clothing, but in the form of a holiday. Not cheap, then, you’d think? Well, at the price we’ve found – starting at £399 for week of deep immersion – you’d have to think again. But adults only, please: mollycoddling isn’t part of the deal!

£279 -- 7-Nt Bulgarian Beach Holiday w/Meals & Transfers
Speaking of authentic holidays, here’s another one. Sure, Bulgaria could do with some PR. There’s that name, for a start: beginning, essentially, with "bulge" and thus easily suggesting the steroid-pumped body-builders with which the country was long associated in the Soviet era and whom you might still expect to encounter lounging, walrus-like, on the beach of some Black Sea resort. But be as sniffy as you like: all you risk is missing out on is one of Bulgaria’s greatest exports – fantastically good-value holidays.

We’re talking £279 to be flown halfway to Asia for a week of mid-20s weather on the border of a vast, inviting inland sea. This is like the dream of communism made real, comrades! Lenin would be turning in his grave – no doubt to reach for his swimming trunks.

£399 -- Turkey: Traditional Cruise w/Flights, up to 44% Off
Like slick, hotel-like cruise ships where the vessel is almost as vast as the ocean itself? When you’re so comfortable the whole time you barely notice you’re at sea? Well, then, you might indeed want to avoid a Turkish gulet cruise -- our third unvarnished holiday experience in this week’s roundup – if you didn’t mind also skipping falling asleep to the gentle rhythm of the waves and the soft creaking of the ship’s timbers after an intimate dinner beneath the stars with only a handful of other passengers.

Sound priceless? Not really. We’ve found it for only £399 for a week’s sailing -- almost 50% off the standard price. And you won’t even have to row.

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