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Publisher’s Round-up, 15 Nov

Fresh from his first ever cruise, our publisher already has his eye on another one

£469 -- Cunard Christmas Markets Cruise, Save up to £429
"Snag" is a word of which Travelzoo producers -- those diligent people who ferret out the top travel deals we bring you each week -- seem inordinately fond. Consequently, I discourage them from using it too often. On this occasion, however, I'm going to have to abandon my own principles and proclaim, "Snag yourself this bargain of a Christmas market cruise, while there are staterooms still to be had." Not only is the price ridiculous for Cunard, one of the most luxurious cruise lines to sail the seven seas, but it also transports you to several throbbing bargain centres for the biggest spendathon of the year -- the Christmas markets of Europe.

Such gatherings have been held in towns and villages throughout the Continent for some 500 years now. In the biggest of them -- such as Liseberg in Gothenburg, one of the stops on this cruise -- there's a fabulous amount of variety, not to mention decent competition among all those stallholders. Why not buy a bundle of your presents at one of these ancient festive gatherings? It could make a delightful change from the far more predictable fare you’ll find in the homogenised shopping land that Great Britain has become. Kids, in particular, will love the artfully carved and long-lasting wooden toys you'll easily find.

£699 -- Sri Lanka: 4-Star Holiday on 'Golden Mile' Beach
There are at least two advantages to jumping on a new travel route early. One, you get to enjoy it before everybody else does. Two, you'll often snag -- stop it! -- a bargain as airlines struggle to put bums on all those seats and hoteliers to fill up countless rooms still smelling of paint. Both arguments apply to this cutely packaged trip to Sri Lanka, a new destination for BA Holidays. Look, we won't pretend otherwise: as so often seems to be the case with the most beautiful countries on Earth, Sri Lanka has only just emerged from two decades of hellish civil war. You could help it to recover, and hear your wallet breathe a sigh of relief at the same time, by taking this bargain break to the 'Golden Mile'. Can't you feel the sand crunching under your feet already?

£569 -- Andorra Ski Week w/Meals, Lift Pass, Lessons & Hire
We're not yet sure why exactly -- possibly because there’s been so much early snow and plenty of people want to hit the slopes -- but we've seen only a trickle of decent ski deals so far this year. Most of those have gone into the Top 20, including the one in question this week. OK, considering some of our week-long holidays, to Turkey or the Algarve, say, come in at a gasp-inducing £189 or similar, £569 for this Andorra ski week may seem rather humdrum. But here it's all about what's included. I'm struggling to think of what this deal leaves out. A colourful beanie, perhaps? Après-ski hi-jinks? We'll leave those to you, but I also struggled to beat this deal against any comparable hotel in any ski resort of comparable quality. I struggled and I failed, which is the point at which a deal qualifies for the Top 20 seal of approval.

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Thursday, 15 November 2012
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