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Pound the Powder

Colorado vs Chamonix. Vermont vs Mayrhofen. Skiers have some tough decisions to make each year. But if you’re planning to head across the pond this ski season, you may want to think again. Despite the fact that the pound is, well, pounding the US dollar, it turns out it’s cheaper to stay in Europe, according to a recent survey. 

Foreign exchange provider Moneycorp and ski holiday specialist Ski Finders commissioned the survey, which compared the cost of a few common ski essentials in the US, Canada and Europe. These items were ski and boot hire, a 6-day lift pass, ski tuition, a bottle of Coca-Cola, a cup of coffee, one bottle of beer, a bottle of wine and a 2-course meal (not including drinks). The company found that the average price of these goods in Europe was down by 5.7%, while it rose 4.7% in the US compared to last season.    

The total cost was compared in eight countries: Bulgaria, Andorra, Italy, France, Austria, Switzerland, Canada and the US. Bulgaria was the cheapest, coming in at £248.70, which is 7.08% cheaper than last year. America was the most expensive, at a cost of £703.59. Travel and accommodation was not factored into these prices.

Thanks to a weakening euro, prices in continental Europe have fallen for Brits. In addition, costs during February half term in 2013 are 20% lower in some cases, such as in France, where the dates don’t clash with Parisian holidays; overlapping dates this year increased prices.  

Here’s the breakdown of the survey costs, showing the average price of essentials and the percentage change compared to last year.

  • Bulgaria… £248.70, down 7.08%
  • Andorra… £369.45, down 8.24%
  • Italy… £457.80, down 6.04%
  • France… £482.33, down 6.74%
  • Austria… £496.46, down 7.28%
  • Switzerland… £550.30, down 14.71%
  • Canada… £639.58, down 3.46%
  • USA... £703.59, up 4.72%  

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Tuesday, 13 November 2012
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