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New Rights for Ferry & Cruise Passengers

On 18 December, laws were changed and new rights were introduced for EU cruise and ferry passengers who experience delays or cancellations, similar to those currently in place for air and rail passengers.  

Passengers are now able to claim from 25-50% compensation if they are delayed, with amounts depending on the length of the delay and duration of the journey. 

Companies must also inform passengers of any delays or cancellations at least 30 minutes before the departure time, and provide adequate food and drink if passengers are delayed for more than 90 minutes, as well as free accommodation if the journey is one night or more.

If any of the above directives are not followed, British passengers -- depending on where they live -- can complain to the Passenger Shipping Association (PSA), the Consumer Council for Northern Ireland or the Scottish Government.

Speaking on the new laws, UK Shipping Minister Stephen Hammond said: “While no one enjoys disruption to their travel plans, I am pleased that this new EU regulation will provide passengers with the right to assistance in cases of cancelled or delayed departures.”

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