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Meet Our New Top 20® Publisher

I was born in New York City, which I thought was impressive when I was a kid. I would tell people another infant gang had forced me out over a nappy-racket dispute: Although I may have been born there, you see – and have the passport – we left when I was very young, in the mid-70s, for Australia. I grew up in Oz; most of my formative experiences took place there: Puberty Blues, the ousting of Gough Whitlam, meat poise (sic). I was also educated in that warm, southern land, finishing with a master’s degree in psychoanalytic social theory, of all things, before abandoning academia for the media. Starting with contributions to newspapers including The Australian and The Age, I branched out into broadcasting and a little speechwriting for two of the premiers of the state of Victoria.

In my late 20s, I finally left Australia for the UK, where I have been living for the past decade or so. I began here doing more or less the same thing: writing for newspapers and magazines I admire, including a long stint as a Weekend FT columnist, travelling a lot (and writing about it) plus editing for The Guardian and other quality rags. As a culmination of all this activity, four years or so ago I became the editor of MSN Travel, taking it over shortly after launch and helping it to become one of the most viewed travel sites in the UK (he says, to the sound of trumpets blowing). Then Travelzoo loomed over the horizon: What I like about my role of publisher here is that it allows my consumer sympathies full rein in tracking down the very best travel deals out there and then writing about them with snap, crackle and, I hope, a little wit.

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Deal Expert, London
Tuesday, 29 November 2011
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