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Making the Most of Hand Luggage

Checking hold luggage on a low-cost airline can easily add at least £20 on to a ticket price. But most of these airlines do still offer a generous 10kg of hand luggage for free. For short trips, it’s worth packing light and using your hand luggage allowance to escape paying for a suitcase that you don’t really need.

Here are some tips on how to make the most of your hand luggage allowance:

  • Check the facts: Before doing anything, find out the maximum dimensions the airline will accept. The bag must be able to be stowed easily in an overhead locker. Some small suitcases are specifically designed to be used as hand luggage, but bear in mind that airlines have varying size and weight restrictions
  • Take mini toiletries: They take up less space and are less likely to be confiscated (no more than 100ml of liquid per container is allowed through security). Aerosols may not make it through security, so take a roll-on deodorant or buy any aerosol products once you land
  • Take layers: Thin layers fold up smaller than chunky, single items. Wear your heaviest, bulkiest clothes on the plane
  • Share the load: Try to share any bulky items, such as hair dryers, with your travelling companions
  • Pocket some space: Don't forget that pockets do not count toward baggage space, and your essentials will be close to hand

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Monday, 2 August 2010
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