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Holidays in Half Term

As well as helping to shape a generation of fine young minds, teachers get a whopping 13 weeks’ holiday each year, which makes the statutory 20 days look pretty measly in comparison. The flipside of this is that prices for travel generally rocket during half terms and the school holidays. Serves them right with their part-time hours, you say? But what if you happen to be married to one?

We’re often asked by families and (partners of) teachers to help them find deals during these breaks, and the truth is, they’re hard to come by, because airlines and hotels know that demand will be high during these times. We know that flexibility is the key to a good deal, and essentially only being able to leave on the Saturday of half term and return a week later in time for school on Monday is the exact opposite.

However, if you’re not set on travelling for the whole week, our This Weekend section is a good place to start your hunt -- it includes deals valid on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. As ever, your best bet is to book very early or extremely late for the top deals.

If you do find a break, there’s also the distinct possibility that the destination may be overrun with youngsters when you get there. Again, common sense prevails and if you want to escape the minis, booking into a family-friendly resort isn’t the way to do it. The Caribbean in particular has plenty of adult-only hotels. No, there’s nothing X-rated here, it’s just that the minimum guest age is 16-18.

Check out your options in our Half-Term Deals page.

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Friday, 15 February 2013
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