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High Flying

Ever wondered how that lucky friend paid half as much as you and snagged extra leg-room on her recent trip? Check out our top tips to ensure you make the most out of your flight:

  • You don’t need an upgrade to be comfortable when flying, just make your economy seat specific to your preference. If you worry about flying then choose a seat over the wings for a more steady transit. For peace and quiet sit towards the front of the plane and away from the galley and bathrooms. For extra leg room, try the first row or request the seats beside the emergency exits.
  • Some airlines offer terrific return special offers for less than their standard one-way fares. Don’t forget to check this if you can’t find a good one-way deal
  • If an airline releases a great sale, it might be worth waiting a few days before you book your flight. Often if one airline launches a sale, others will follow suit and try to compete
  • If you’re taking a weekend break, consider Saturday-Monday rather than Friday-Sunday. It’s often much cheaper to fly home on a Monday – and it still means only taking one day off work.
  • Don’t forget to check other nearby airports, sometimes you’ll find the price difference more than covers the extra petrol or train fare

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Deal Expert, London
Tuesday, 6 September 2011
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