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Global Bar Crawl

Prost! Skål! Salud! Cheers! If you’re travelling abroad, be sure to sample the local tipple – it is an essential cultural experience, after all…

Cachaça is the national spirit of Brazil, served in cocktail bars and beach shacks all over the country. The cachaça cocktail of choice is the caipirinha – a tasty blend of fresh lime juice, sugar and the potent sugarcane spirit.

East Africa
Popular in Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya, waragi is a liquor made from millet and triple distilled. Clocking in at a hefty 40% proof, the Spirit of Uganda is best served up with a sizeable dose of tonic to compliment the gin-like taste.


Originally known as the 'Draque', the mojito has been the national drink of Cuba since the sugarcane and tobacco planters invented it in the 19th century. A mojito is traditionally made of white rum, lime juice and mint. The original Cuban recipe uses yerba buena, a tingly local spearmint.

Sake is the legendary Japanese bevvy of choice, made from rice. While brewed in a similar fashion to beer, the similarities end there, as sake can be up to 20% proof. Enjoy hot or cold depending on the season with a tasty side of sushi.

The combination of Caribbean sunshine and a chilled rum is a tough one to beat. Select Appleton’s if you’re partial to dark rum or Wray & Nephew if you prefer your rum white, then blend with grenadine and pineapple juice for a classic rum punch.

The Peruvians are so committed to their national drink, the Pisco Sour, that they now celebrate  National Pisco Sour Day in early February each year. If you’re travelling through, make sure you stop by a bar to sample the unique combination of lime, sugar, egg white, bitters and the famed pisco before trekking off on the Inca Trail.

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