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Bag the Best Seat on the Plane

Fancy a little extra legroom on your next flight? Maybe you’ve always wanted to be the very first passenger off the plane? SeatGuru.com is a great resource for finding which seat is your best bet.

With 552 seatmaps from a total of 80 airlines, SeatGuru gives you the chance to check out all the seating options on a plane before you buy your ticket.

A colour-coded chart allows you to see the most important onboard information – like which seats have more legroom, which ones are worth avoiding and where you might find a plug for your notebook.

Bulkhead seats (at the front of each section of the plane) are a popular choice, but some airlines have started charging extra for these seats. Keep in mind also that these are where onboard cots can be set up, which means you might find yourself with extra legroom, but with an unhappy baby nearby. 

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Wednesday, 20 July 2011
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