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10 places we went in October

We love to go on holiday -- that's why we do what we do! Here's the lowdown on where our Deal Experts went this October.

Cemlyn Jones, head of hotel advertising sales, South
I loved: Langkawi is a beautiful island with crystal-clear water and pristine beaches -- and, as the island is duty-free, alcoholic beverages are cheap! 
Top tip
: Make sure the taxis are on a metre as some cabbies will take advantage of tourists.
Don't go without
: A driving licence. Hiring a car is so cheap, around £20 a day all in, and it's the best way to see the islands.
Off the beaten track: Take a boat trip to Pulau Payar Marine Park to go scuba diving. The sea is so clear that you could get away with snorkelling as well. George Town in Penang is now a World Heritage Site, and has the best street food in Malaysia. Try some of the famous hawker stalls and food courts.

Emma Sheppard, producer, Travelzoo's Most Loved Hotels
I loved: Learning about the history. It's largely peaceful now but there are still walls and murals and hundreds of stories to hear.
Top tip
: We took a black-cab tour around the city and it was really informative, and only £10 each.
Don’t go without
: A woolly jumper -- it can get pretty cold!
Off the beaten trac
k: We also went to Giant's Causeway -- did you know it was created by an Irish giant and a Scottish giant who built a path so they could fight each other? Unfortunately both got scared, so they ran away and tore up the road!

Jon Kissack, sales manager
What I loved: Small unspoilt Greek island with very little tourism.
Top tip
: Fly to Preveza and get the boat over from Parga. There is a pod of dolphins that live in the bay and they follow the boat over to Paxos.
Don't go without: Walking boots. The island is only 10 miles by four miles and there are lots of shaded walks through olive groves to secluded beaches.
Anything else: Take the boat over to Antipaxos for two glorious golden-sand beaches -- great to spend the day over there.

Chris Webber, senior producer
What I loved: Fantastic food, great weather and brilliant beers.
Top tip: Instead of sticking to wine tasting at the area's many vineyards, go beer tasting at some of the microbreweries popping up all over the Western Cape.
Don't go without: Plenty of luggage space to bring back wine/beer.
Off the beaten track: Head to Darling, a small town that's home to beers with awesome names like Bonecrusher.

Daniel Conway, assistant producer
What I loved: Germans love sausages, and the people of Frankfurt perhaps most of all. Vendors are on almost every corner, serving all sorts of varieties. It also seems to be fairy socially acceptable to drink the local tipple, Apfelwein (apple wine), all day long. Lastly, as it's such an international city, the majority of residents speak impeccable English, which makes getting around a lot easier.
Top tip: Frankfurt has a massively rich history so try out a walking tour. There are quite a few companies that provide them, and some even offer tours on Segways! Also, head up the Main Tower and check out the stunning panoramic views of the city from 56 storeys up.
Don't go without: A jumper! It gets pretty brisk in October.

Amy Lindsay, senior producer
What I loved: Village after village of picture-postcard perfection, each one complete with a vast array of amazing eateries, boutique hotels, quirky shops and tasty tearooms.
Top tip: This part of the world is a foodie heaven, with everything from grub to award-winning fine dining, but places do get booked up, so reserve a table in advance.
Don't go without: Your credit card and some expandable-waist trousers.

Stuart Bak, group publisher
What I loved: I was there for the annual Unsound Music Festival. Other than that, I loved the food (especially in Kazimierz, the Jewish quarter), the incredibly cheap beer and vodka, the fact that off-licences are called "alkoholes", the amazing autumn light and the red-and-gold leaves that carpet the city at this time of year -- all very picturesque.
Top tip: Plac Nowy, a square in Kazimierz, is great for pavement boozing and people-watching. It's also home to the famous rotunda, from which several dozen vendors serve up the local delicacy, zapiekanka, until the small hours. It is way more delicious than it looks, especially after 17 lemon vodkas.
Don't go without: Earplugs if you're there for Unsound. Otherwise, a good umbrella -- when it rains in Krakow, it really rains.

Stephen Dunk, operations director, Europe and global sales coordinator
What I loved: Amazing architecture from the 1920s to the current day, fabulous shops and restaurants, and I always think there is something unparalleled about a city next to the sea. Lots of hills but great views.
Top tip: Go to Golden Gate Park and whilst there visit the Bulgari retrospective or the Hockney exhibition at the de Young Museum.
Don't go without: Your credit card.
Off the beaten track: You can hire a car and go over the Golden Gate Bridge (be aware that you need to pay your tolls online) up into wine country, or drive south down the coast road to Half Moon Bay -- the scenery is spectacular. The temperature can vary quite a lot at this time of year -- it may be colder than you're expecting, and the fog can suddenly roll in with little warning.

Victoria Murden, associate producer
What I loved: Beautiful architecture, cobbled streets and food that is much, much better than expected.
Top tip: Tram number 22 takes you to most of Prague's top spots for a fraction of the price of a tour bus. Just make sure you buy a ticket before you board as the ticket inspectors are ferocious!
Don't go without: Definitely take a mac or umbrella as the weather is as changeable as the UK's.
Off the beaten track: Head to the roof terrace in the Hotel U Prince for great views over the Astronomical Clock and the Old Town Square -- the apple martinis are worth a mention, too!

Martin Cropper, associate producer
What I loved: The open, warm-hearted and caring people.
Top tip: Even if you have an OK understanding of Spanish, be sure to research Mexican variations of Spanish, especially with foods.
Don't go without: If you're going from the UK, be sure to have more than one card for you to access your money as some machines won't work for you. Santander's machines are your best bet. Also, be sure to have a map of the dangerous areas to avoid, as there will be some.
Off the beaten track: If you're lucky enough to be there for the annual Día de Muertos in Guadalajara, then the large queues for the cemetery at night are worth the wait. The atmosphere and candle-lit shrines really help to bring out the best in the tradition.

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