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What is #TTOT?
#TTOT stands for Travel Talk on Twitter. It's a social media travel event and a travel hashtag that anyone can participate in.

There are two #TTOT sessions every Tuesday at 9.30am and 9.30pm GMT.

How do I join in?
The #TTOT hosts (including your very own @Travelzoo_UK) will send out five questions every 10 minutes on a certain topic. All you have to do is tweet, share and learn using the hashtag #TTOT.

Topics are announced a week in advance on #TTOT's Facebook page. Head over there to pose a question on anything from ''Best Treks in the World'' and ''Food and Drink'', to ''Packing Light'' and ''Community Initiatives''. 

You can also follow the #TTOT hosts.

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Tuesday, 19 November 2013
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