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"I never leave home without..."

"Tissues! Because God knows what sort of bathroom one may encounter on their travels."
Annemarie Kropf, Assistant Producer

"Two words... golf clubs. (It's a sin to use rentals when travelling; your golf swing deserves more respect.)"
Amer Latif, Head of Business Development, Local Deals

"I always pack my Wowee One. It's a portable speaker about the size of an iPhone but deeper, which connects to most music devices and turns any flat surface into a bass speaker."
David Lovett-Hume,  Senior Business Development Manager, Local Deals

"Flip-flops that I can wear in the shower, as you can never, and I repeat never, trust the cleanliness of bathrooms that are not your own. So I always have some in my bag just in case the shower situation in my destination's accommodation is not convincing. Then I pop them on and sing in the shower while wearing them."
Corinna Greiner, PR Assistant, Marketing

"Ladies' survival kit including Band-Aids, dental floss, bobby pins, sunscreen, gum, ChapStick and adapters!"
Laura Miller, Sales Manager

"Bose acoustic, sound-cancelling headphones. The only way you can sleep on long-haul flights – pricey, but worth every penny." 
Richard Singer, Managing Director Europe

"My Tumi multi-power charger. You only need to take one charger that works for phone, BlackBerry, iPod, iPad and camera. It also doubles as a very useful international power adaptor. Wouldn’t be without it."
Stephen Dunk, Operations Director, Europe, and Global Sales Coordinator

"Swiss army pen knife… had it since I was 10 years old."
William Bushell, Sales Manager  

"It has to be my goggles -- they go everywhere with me. I never want to miss an opportunity to swim in the sea. Just last year I clocked up the miles swimming in a stunning bay on the southern coast of Turkey's Bodrum peninsula -- a great way to start the day." 
Tracey Cheffey, Executive Producer

"An information pack. Very nerdy, but as I’m usually the one that deals with all the holiday bookings, I always have a print-out of every single thing I will possibly need to make the whole arrival process run smoothly. I usually have everything in a plastic folder in the order I will need them."
Laura Summers, Assistant Producer

"Dr Jart BB cream (basically all I need for make-up), little black dress, toothbrush and toothpaste (GoSMILE Luxury Lemonade)."
Nikita Andrews, Senior Designer, Photography

"Ear plugs. A thousand times ear plugs! Useful for screaming kids on the plane, overnight train journeys, snoring partners and city-centre hotels."
Aysha Flitcroft, Associate Producer

"My TRX -- it's essentially a travel gym, although it does look like a piece of bondage kit. I also take a GorillaPod, which is a small tripod which fits most cameras and allows me to take half-decent shots of myself without a) getting my thumb in the way b) zooming in on my nose and c) cropping out my wife."
Alexis Peppis, Senior Sales Manager, Entertainment

"Travel washbag. Having queued one too many times in Boots for the oft-forgotten toothbrush, I decided to buy all my toiletry essentials in double. Nothing leaves the case when I'm home, so I'm sure everything is in it when I travel. (Another solution is to travel Business Class to get the free washbag, but buying the bag and its content works out cheaper.)"
Raphael Giacardi, Producer

"Leftover currency from last time and more books than I will have the chance to read."
Sara Kriegel, Associate Editor

"A fishing rod. Sad but true, as my wife will confirm. At least we'll never go hungry."
Rory Batho, Copy Editor

"My front door keys."
Chris Nuttall, Senior Systems Administrator

"Maybe too dirty of a secret: only black or grey clothes,so I can mix and match and still only have a small carry-on even if I'm away for a week."
Melanie Bower, Vice President and General Manager, Local Deals

"A laptop or iPad, a rosary and, if it's a taurine country, a bullfighting ticket. There you have it -- the new and the old!"
Martin Schwitzner, Producer and Product Manager, Fly.com Europe

"Spare plastic bags for my washing or if my shoes get dirty from walks etc. Also, travel socks, or else my ankles swell to the size of a baby elephant's."
Felicity Pont, Assistant Producer

"Being a superstitious soul with magpie tendencies I never fly without my diamond crucifix. On a more boring note I never travel without my multi-destination adaptor and a change of undergarments in my hand baggage should the suitcase go astray."
Louise Hodges, Head of PR and Trade Marketing, Europe

"Crushproof 'surprise me with a function will you – ha!' frock, Vegemite if it's somewhere unusual, Power Monkey, a good book, multi adaptor, flip-flops and a sarong."
Angela Dow, Senior VP and Chief Curator, Travelzoo's Most Loved Hotels, Production

"My Filofax. I know it's geeky, but it is really useful. Plus, I end up with loads of ticket stubs and museum passes in it, which cheers me up when I'm using it at home."
Laura Bazin, Market Planning

Alexandria Armour, Assistant Photo Editor

"A 500g bar of chocolate and woolly socks. I live in eternal fear that I will be hungry on the plane in between meals (I don't really sleep) and have cold feet."
Emma Sheppard, Associate Producer

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