Destination: Okinawa, Japan

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Japan's tropical side

Okinawa Prefecture is an easy 2- to 3-hour flight from Tokyo, Osaka and several other cities in Japan, China and Korea. But in many respects, this group of islands is a million miles away from its mainland neighbours.

Subtropical Okinawa has year-round warm weather and hundreds of powdery white beaches, while a protected habitat of corals, sealife, ancient forests and rare species makes for a nature-lovers' paradise.

And people here must know something about relaxation -- a high percentage of the Okinawan population lives beyond 100. A laid-back attitude, close-knit communities and vegetable-rich cuisine all contribute to the islanders' longevity.

So after the dazzling lights and frenetic pace of city life, escape to Okinawa for an entirely different Japanese experience. 

Getting there
Find out how to get to Okinawa and explore the islands
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Discover the sights, from thundering waterfalls to 'phantom' islands
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Food and drink
Explore traditional restaurants and cafes and the lively bars of Naha
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Weather and events
When to catch the cherry blossom season or a dragon boat festivals
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