Featured Destination: Jordan

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6 ways to make the most of your Jordan trip

We asked our Deal Experts for their top tips. Here's what they said:

  1. Some of the best food we sampled were the shawarma (marinated meat wrapped in pita) from tiny, local shops -- super-cheap and delicious
  2. Taxis are a great way to travel around this small country. The drivers often stopped and bought us tea, and were a fountain of knowledge
  3. Petra can be very chilly in the mornings outside of summer, so be sure to wear layers
  4. There are loads of incredible hiking opportunities in Wadi Rum -- make sure you're equipped with the right shoes
  5. Aqaba on the Red Sea is amazing for diving or snorkelling. Even if you only snorkel a short way, you're likely to see lots of colourful fish and a ship wreck or two
  6. Make the most of the free pots of mud that line the shores of the Dead Sea -- the mud is supposed to be great for the skin. Don't stay in the sea for longer than 20 minutes though
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