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Why Fly to Cyprus?

Cyprus flights from only £90 per person for selected dates in 2014.

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Flying to Cyprus from the UK

Fly direct to Paphos or Larnaca via the below UK airports:

London Gatwick, London Heathrow, Luton, Edinburgh, Manchester, Leeds & Glasgow

One-way fares to Paphos start from only £50 per person.

There are plenty of carriers offering one-way flights to Paphos & Larnaca if you haven't decided on return dates.

Which Airlines Fly to Cyprus?

A number of charter and low-cost airlines fly to Cyprus, so it is always possible to fly cheaply to Cyprus.

  • British Airways - London Heathrow, London Gatwick, Edinburgh, Leeds & Newcastle.
  • easyJet - London Gatwick, Luton, Bristol and Manchester.
  • - London Gatwick, Manchester, Stansted, Bristol, Cardiff, Birmingham, Newcastle, Glasgow and Edinburgh.
  • Thomson - London, Newcastle, Doncaster, Exeter, Glasgow
  • Cyprus Airways - London Gatwick, London Manchester, Manchester & Edinburgh

Mini Travel Guide to Cyprus

Deciding whether you want to stay in North or South Cyprus can be tricky as both parts of the island offer such different travel experiences.  To help you decide, we've compiled a list of top 3 things to do in North & South Cyprus:

North Cyprus:

  1. History & architecture in Kyrenia - visit Kyrenia harbour and see a 5,000 year old shipwreck in the Shipwreck museum in Kyrenia castle.  Or venture beyond the harbour and experience history and architecture that are indebted to the Cyprus's Ottoman, British & Turkish past.  The town sits in the Kyrenia Mountain Range which is home to a wealth of historical and architectural sites.  
  2. Eating out & nightlife in Famagusta – this amazing walled city has the most authentic North Cypriot food and best nightlife in the region.  We recommend the Cyprus House - opposite Famagusta County Courts – for its wholesome, home-made North Cypriot food.
  3. Hiking across the mountains – mountains span North Cyprus coast-to-coast and the best way to appreciate their natural beauty is a well-planned hiking trip.  The Kyrenia Mountain Trail runs through the range and it is studded with cypress and pine trees.

South Cyprus:

  1. Museums in Southern Nicosia - famous as one of the only remaining divided capitals in the world, Southern Nicosia has a wide array of amazing, intimate museums, detailing the complex Cypriot past including The Byzantine Museum, The Archaeological Museum, The Ledra Observatory Museum and The Leventis Municipal Museum.  
  2. Scuba diving in Larnaca - the Zenobia, a foundered Mediterranean shipwreck sits 1,500 yard off Larnaca's harbour and is one of the most memorable scuba diving experiences in the world.
  3. The Tomb of the Kings in Paphos - this large necropolis, parts of it dating back to 4th century BC, is a complex network of underground tombs thought to be the burial sites of Plato's aristocrats.  Spread over a vast area, there are 8 complexes for visitors to explore.  The misleading title - there is no evidence that any kings were actually buried here - is more testimony to the magnificence of the structure itself.


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