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Why Fly to Cairo?

Sitting on the Nile, exotic Cairo never seems to lose its allure. From the mysterious Pyramids at Giza guarded by the beguiling Sphinx, to the ornate death masks and pharaohs’ coffins stuffed with gold, this city of antiquities could keep you busy for weeks. You’ll be besieged with “friendly” locals offering to show you around when you arrive at Giza just outside the city to explore the pyramids and tombs but stay firm (and don’t get on anyone’s horse whatever you do, unless you can produce plenty of baksheesh afterwards). It’s well worth it.

Flying to Cairo from the UK

You are limited to the south east if you want to take a direct flight to Cairo with London Heathrow being the only airport that services the city direct from the UK. However, you might get a discounted flight rate if you opt for an indirect service from various regional airports including Manchester, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Which Airlines Fly to Cairo?

British Airways operates flights out of London Heathrow direct to Cairo as does BMI and Egypt Air. For travellers from outside London and the south east, Air France operates a service from Manchester with a stop in Paris, Lufthansa stops en route via its hub at Frankfurt, Turkish Airlines will take you to Cairo via Istanbul and Egypt Air codeshares with BMI to fly there via London.

Mini Travel Guide to Cairo

You don’t have to be Cleopatra to glide the Nile. Hire a felucca and someone to steer it and you’ll see tremendous city views from the serenity of the water – it’s particularly atmospheric at sunset when you can hear the call to prayer from the mosques. Cairo’s also home to the third largest mosque in the world, the Ibn Tulun, known for its beautiful architecture and delicate minaret. The complex covers six acres and a spiral staircase snakes around the outside of the minaret which you can climb to survey the city. Cairo’s amazing Citadel in the green Muqattam Hill area is a monument to medieval defence, its 3m thick walls a reminder of the days when invasions were commonplace. Inside this breathtaking piece of architecture, there are a number of museums, the mosque of Mohamed Ali and the Well of Joseph with its 300 stairs descending down the abyss.

In town put aside plenty of time to discover the Egyptian Museum. Among the 120,000 exhibits you’ll find enormous sarcophagi, statues and boats, thousands of small Egyptian relics, the royal mummies and, of course, the contents of King Tut’s tomb. You could return every week for a year and still not take in all there is to see. Back in the hurley burley outside, have fun bartering in the market streets of Khan-el-Khalili where stall holders sit you down for a cup of tea to persuade you of the merits of their oils and spices. You can use Travelzoo’s Supersearch to find cheap flights to Cairo.

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