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Why do we test book our deals and how does this help you?

Test Booked by TravelzooAt Travelzoo, we want your travel experience to be fun and enjoyable right from the start. That's why we don't endorse deals packed with tonnes of value alone -- instead, we go one step further and ensure that the deals we publish are accurate, available and easy to book.

We know there's nothing more frustrating than not being able to book a great deal. That's why we've created the Test Booking Centre™, the first centre of its kind in the world to test the offers we publish in our newsletters and on our website.

Let's face it, nothing's perfect. But at Travelzoo, we do everything we can to ensure what we tell you is correct. If we find a travel deal that has a long telephone hold time, changes in dates, changes in prices or any other problem, we'll work to make sure we let the travel company know about it, and update the pages on our site to give you the latest, most accurate information.

If you experience a problem with a deal on our site, please send an email to let us know about it and help us make Travelzoo content even better.