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Putting this trip together on your own is harder than you might expect, especially in peak season.

Source: Friendly Planet

Spend seven nights in Madrid, Cordoba, Seville & Granada

May-November travel; more dates available
Source: smarTours

Visit palaces, mosques, and museums on this weeklong guided tour

Select dates July-September; others on sale
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Visit Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Khajuraho, Varanasi, Cochin, and Alleppey

Select dates in Oct; others on sale
Source: Friendly Planet

This comprehensive escorted Cuba itinerary includes stops in Havana, Cojimar, Las Terrazas, Varadero, Cardenas, Coliseo and Matanzas

July-September travel; more available
Source: Friendly Planet

Highlights include visits to Shanghai, Xi'an, Beijing, the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, and the Terra Cotta army

Travel July-December; more dates available
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Escorted trip incl. Machu Picchu & Sacred Valley excursion, Lima & Cuzco city tours, transfers & breakfast

Priced for June; more dates available
Source: Friendly Planet

September-November travel; more dates available
Source: Gate 1 Travel

Select April-October departures
Source: Bestway Tours & Safaris

Explore ancient sites as well as modern neighborhoods.

June 19; Sept. 4; Oct. 30; Nov. 20; Dec. 21
September-December travel: more dates on sale
Friendly Planet
Priced for October; more dates available

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