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Into October
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April 24 - Nov. 6, 2017
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Get more space with an SUV for less than the cost of competitors' standard sedans.

Through June 30
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Into Oct.
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This newly-built hotel is just steps from local restaurants and bars and guests can take advantage of exclusive Travelzoo extras.

Through September
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Cheer on the Miami Marlins – who are currently in place to make the postseason – and save up to 30% on tickets.

July 22, 25, 28-31
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Aug. 30 to Oct. 29

Hotels with Member-Exclusive Extras

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"Old-school Miami Beach with a modern twist," says Frommer's
Available year-round

100% (10 ratings)
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In Coconut Grove, the lush, village-like off-shoot of downtown Miami
Available year-round

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