Travelzoo® Has Delivered Valuable Experiences to Millions of Members for more than 12 Years

Leverage Travelzoo's expertise to craft custom experiences that attract and drive local market audiences while meeting your business needs.

The "Local Experience" Difference

  • Travelzoo Local Deals offers consumers an experience as opposed to coupons or discount gift certificates
  • The audience is established; high-income leisure travelers proven to make incremental purchases
  • This model helps operators target time periods when their business is not at full capacity
  • Knowledgeable producers are experts at working with operators to help craft value-based experiences that inspire users to purchase immediately
  • Our unique and rigorous test-booking process assures flawless booking experience for users

We Understand Local Because We Are Local

National Footprint

  • 97 cities in the United States & Canada

Travelzoo Offices

  • 12 offices in North America
    Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco, Mountain View, Toronto, Vancouver
  • 25 offices worldwide


  • 14 million North American members
    12 million U.S.
    1.2 million Canada
  • More than 29 million members worldwide
  • Spontaneous2
    56% of Travelzoo members booked an incremental trip because they felt the Travelzoo deal was too great to pass up.
  • Open Minded2
    66% hadn't decided on a destination before purchasing an offer seen on Travelzoo.
  • Upgraders2
    51% of Travelzoo users clicked on a Travelzoo offer and ended up purchasing something other than the original offer.

Source: 1Internal Reporting, 2Travelzoo Member Survey, Dec. 2010

Travelzoo Members Are Affluent & Established

Household Income
40% have HHI $100K+
82% are over 35
62% are women
69% have Bachelor’s degree +

What Others Are Saying

"My advice is to start with
"Of the diners that have come in so far, 85 percent of them are new clients. In addition, the customers spent anywhere from $20 to $60 more than the voucher amount, mostly on drinks and dessert. We had one couple come back for dinner the very next night!"
Jennifer Blackmon
Director of Sales and Marketing for Bistro 24 at the Ritz-Carlton in Phoenix
"Our experience with Travelzoo Local Deals has been exceptional! We love the customers from Travelzoo; they’ve really helped us expand our new customer client base. For example, one couple who tried out the restaurant for the first time on a Travelzoo voucher turned into a party of 14 the next week at full price ($1,200 value)."
The Grateful Palate
Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

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