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Where to Stay in Uruguay

The majority of Montevideo’s hotels are concentrated on the west side of the city, in and around the neighborhood of Ciudad Vieja. This is the most historic section of town and is centered around Plaza Independencia, Montevideo’s main square. This is also where you’ll find several of the city’s must-see sites including the Solia Theatre, the Gateway of the Citadel and the westernmost point of 18 de Julio Avenue, Montevideo’s most scenic thoroughfare. Finer hotels are located directly on the avenue, but you can find cheap hotel deals in Montevideo by expanding your search to include a few blocks on either side.

Hotels are fewer and farther apart on the east side of town, but the selection still includes a few of the city’s best picks. Consider staying near the East Side neighborhoods of Playa de los Pocitos or Punta Carretas if you want to spend time in Montevideo’s more modern districts.

Hotels with the most resort-style amenities are generally located on the Rambla, the long and winding road that follows the southern coast. If you plan to spend your days on the beach, start your hotel search there.

Uruguay Hotel Tips

As Uruguay’s capital and economic center, many of Montevideo’s hotels cater to business travelers; these hotels, however, can still be great choices for tourists and often have the best weekend rates. Hotels closer to the beach and to Plaza Independencia are more likely to focus on a pleasure-seeking clientele.

There are several very nice hotel options whether you prefer thoroughly modern accommodations or something with more historic appeal. Montevideo is short on mid-range hotels, though, and its lowest-priced alternatives are not always up to the standards of budget accommodations in the U.S. Fortunately, hotels rates in Montevideo are cheap compared to other South American tourist spots, boosting your chances of finding a luxurious room in your price range.

Uruguay Hotel Recommendations

To get the most value out of Montevideo’s affordable room rates, you may want to stay at a premier hotel like the Belmont House. It’s a small property with few rooms, but Belmont House feels palatial; a landscaped outdoor swimming pool, gourmet restaurant and ornate lobby help this hotel to stand out among its competitors.

For the best overall balance between price and comfort, it can be helpful to stick with the finer international hotel chains. The Sheraton Four Points Montevideo, just two blocks from 18 de Julio Avenue, has spacious standard rooms and exceptionally large suites. Closer to Plaza Independencia, the Radisson Victoria Plaza Hotel also has excellent accommodations, though it is better known for its phenomenal on-site casino.

One of the highest quality hotels at the low end of the price spectrum is the Ermitage, a historic hotel just a block from the beach. With the exception of Carnival season, when hotels across the city raise their rates, it’s possible to get a nice room at the Ermitage for less than $100.

Uruguay Transportation

You have several choices when it comes to navigating Montevideo, but the city’s ubiquitous taxis may be the most convenient overall. They’re exceptionally cheap by U.S. standards, and Montevideo’s streamlined system of roads and moderate traffic make car travel especially efficient. If you speak little or no Spanish, however, be sure to have your destination address written down before getting in a cab. Many taxi drivers do not speak English.

An easy-to-use bus system is maintained by the Direccion Nacional de Transporte, and routes extend beyond the city into the surrounding suburbs. The area is also fairly easy to navigate even for drivers who are unfamiliar with Uruguay, so you may want to consider renting a car after your flight to Montevideo if you want more independence during your stay. Exploring on foot is also easy in most neighborhoods, particularly in Ciudad Vieja and along the Rambla, though it’s best to take taxis after dark.

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