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Find Hotel Deals in Bridgetown (BGI)

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Where to Stay in Bridgetown

Barbados is a small, kidney-shaped island divided into 11 roughly equal-sized parishes. Bridgetown, the capital, is situated on the southwest coast in St. Michael Parish, but there are only a handful of hotels scattered throughout this urban area. Nearly all of the island’s accommodations are located in St. James and St. Peter Parishes, which extend north along the west coast, and in Christ Church Parish, which covers most of the southern coast. These areas benefit from the island’s most beautiful beaches, whereas the east coast is rocky and craggy with aggressive waves.

You can find relatively cheap hotel deals in Bridgetown, but none of the lodging options within the city itself have direct access to the sand. For beachfront access at an affordable rate, start your search on the southern coast. The lively district known as St. Lawrence Gap has many reasonably priced accommodations. If you’re looking to splurge on a resort or find more tranquil surroundings, check the coastal hotels in St. James and points northward.

Bridgetown Hotel Tips

Barbados maintains some of the priciest accommodations in the Caribbean during its high season from mid-December to mid-April. If you need to maximize your savings on this trip, consider pushing your travel dates into the summer months, when discounts of up to 50% are often available.

For affordable lodging during the peak season, you can find several small guest houses in and around Bridgetown, many of which are family-run. The larger of these rentals often include kitchenettes. If you’re willing to spend a bit more, you can choose from dozens of well-appointed hotels and mid-sized resorts, and big spenders will have a ball deciding among the island’s opulent luxury high-rises and lavish, intimate villas. No matter what your price range is, make your hotel reservations at least a month in advance if you’re picky about your accommodations. Barbados attracts many return visitors who often rent the same rooms each year.

Bridgetown Hotel Recommendations

On the west coast, the Cobblers Cove Hotel stands as one of the island’s finest resorts. Composed of 40 luxury villa suites, the accommodations are spread throughout a private and pristinely landscaped garden anchored by a stately historic mansion. Common areas and some of the best suites are located in the mansion itself, and every room is packed with upscale touches. A few miles down the beach, the Coral Reef Club is another reliable place to splurge on a fantastic room. While welcoming to families, some parts of the resort are off-limits to children in the evenings, which helps keep this spot a favorite for romantic getaways.

You’ll find much lower rates at south coast hotels like Little Arches, but this posh and personable boutique will still leave you impressed. Spacious and individually appointed rooms, a rooftop pool and a delectable restaurant have helped this hotel cultivate a dedicated following, so book as far in advance as possible if you want to stay here.

A little farther inland, Peach and Quiet is an increasingly popular choice for visitors, and not just because of its virtually unbeatable prices. As the name implies, tranquility is a priority at this family-run establishment, and rooms lack TVs to make sure it remains that way. The rooms are large and comfortable, if intentionally sparse, and features include a restaurant, bar and swimming pool. Check in here if you want to check out from life as usual.

Bridgetown Transportation

If you’re staying in Bridgetown proper or are visiting the town for the afternoon, you can easily get around on foot. The area is pedestrian-friendly and mostly flat, though the roads often experience heavy vehicle traffic, so cross carefully.

Several of Barbados’ beachfront resorts are so relaxing and indulgent that you could easily spend your entire trip there, and if that’s all you intend to do, there’s no need to rent a car. But if you want to get out and explore some of the island’s more remote attractions, you should consider renting a car after your flight to Bridgetown arrives. Several car rental agencies operate lots at the airport, though reservations are strongly suggested. If you only want to spend part of your trip traveling around the island, you can usually arrange to have a rental car brought to you at your hotel. Keep in mind that cars drive on the left side of the road in Barbados.

Taxis are plentiful and well-regulated, with rates controlled by the local government. Fares aren’t metered, but depending on how far you want to go, you can get a good price by agreeing to either a flat or hourly rate. Cabs are easy to hail on the street near hotels and in nightlife districts, and most hotspots have taxi stands. If you’re having trouble finding a ride, ask the nearest hotel, bar or restaurant to call one for you.

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