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Where to Stay in Bermuda

Bermuda is a long, narrow, J-shaped island that covers just over 20 square miles, but it boasts more than 60 miles of coastline. It’s impossible to be far from the beach and navigating the island is usually fast and convenient, so you can expect to be able to conveniently follow your whimsy no matter where you stay.

The island is divided into nine parishes, with the greatest concentration of lodging options located in the centermost parishes of Paget and Pembroke. These parishes are the closest to Hamilton, Bermuda’s capital and only designated city, and many of the best cheap hotel deals in Bermuda can be found in this area. If you stay in the bustling center, you’ll be very close to Hamilton’s numerous shops and nightlife destinations, the Bermuda Botanical Gardens and Elbow Beach, the most popular sand strip on the island.

At the southwest end, smaller clusters of hotels sit around the calm waters of Little Sound in Southampton Parish and near the municipality of Somerset Village in Sandys Parish. Accommodations are much fewer and farther between on the northeast end, but there are a handful of options in Hamilton and St. George’s Parishes, near St. George’s historic district and the Bermuda Aquarium and Zoo.

Bermuda Hotel Tips

Luxury resorts both large and small are common in Bermuda, including several all-inclusives. The all-inclusive resorts tend to be convenient and good values, but you only get the best bang for your buck if you resist exploring the island for a greater variety of food, entertainment and nightlife. If this is your first time in Bermuda, you’ll probably want to diversify.

Smaller hotels, cottage complexes, B&Bs, guesthouses and furnished apartments are also plentiful and usually cheaper than the major resorts. Exceptions to this rule include a few of the private beachfront villas, some of which are absolutely palatial. Make reservations early if traveling between March and November, Bermuda’s high season.

Bermuda Hotel Recommendations

Among the great values in the City of Hamilton is the Royal Palms Hotel, a popular spot with just 32 rooms and pristinely manicured gardens throughout. Guest rooms are located in what was originally a 1903 private mansion and its outbuildings, but all have been painstakingly updated with modern comforts. The on-site restaurant, Ascot’s, is a destination in itself.

Just south of Hamilton, in Paget Parish, the Fourways Inn is one of the best deals for visitors who’d like a little more privacy than most resorts or hotels offer. Guests stay in cozy standalone cottages arranged around another former private mansion. Elbow Beach is within easy walking distance.

For a splurge-worthy stay, The Fairmont Southampton has some of the best views, most elegant guestrooms and most convenient beach access on the island. The exceptionally well-appointed resort complex contains seven restaurants, a spa, a golf course and its very own nightlife scene, making it a great choice for travelers who like lots of options right at their fingertips. Pink Beach Club & Cottages, another of Bermuda’s premier properties, offers comparably sophisticated rooms in a more private cottage complex setting. Even its smallest cottages seem huge, so you may want to consider this island favorite if you’re traveling with your family or a large group.

Bermuda Transportation

You have a variety of transportation options when in Bermuda, but driving isn’t one of them; non-residents are forbidden to rent or drive cars. For four-wheeled transportation, you’ll inevitably end up taking your fair share of taxis, which are quite expensive. Fortunately, a much more affordable bus transit system covers the entire island, and bus travel is nearly as convenient of a way to tour Bermuda. All bus routes originate and end at Hamilton’s Central Terminal, which makes a handy central transfer point. This is also where you can pick up system maps and purchase discounted booklets of bus tickets, which can save you the hassle of carrying exact change for fares.

After your flight to Bermuda arrives, a queue of taxis will be waiting outside the terminal. This is often the only practical way to get from the airport to your hotel, unless your hotel offers its own airport shuttle service, which is uncommon in Bermuda.

Some areas, particularly Hamilton and the historic town of St. George, are easy to explore on foot. Beyond walking, taxis and buses, the only other modes of transportation are by bicycle or motor scooter, both of which can be rented on the island. If you opt for a bicycle, keep in mind that some parts of Bermuda are exceptionally hilly.

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