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Where to Stay in Belize City

Although Belize City is the most populous city in the nation, it covers only a few square miles, and the areas of interest to tourists are mostly contained in a handful of compact waterfront districts. Nearly all of the city’s hotels are located in these easternmost areas, with three neighborhoods standing out as the most significant.

Fort George is the most popular neighborhood among tourists, and is home to many of Belize City’s finest hotels and the must-see Belize Tourism Village. Easy-to-recognize with its towering Fort George Lighthouse and well-maintained colonial mansions, this strip of land juts out farther into the Caribbean Sea than any other point in the city. To the north, the harbor front area along Barracks Road is less crowded and flanked with scenic parks and beaches. A few notable hotel options are located there, including the Princess Hotel and Casino, the city’s only gambling property. To the south of Fort George, the Central Business District is less picturesque, but you can take advantage of very cheap hotel deals in Belize City by booking your rooms there.

Belize City Hotel Tips

The most luxurious lodging options in Belize City are the largest resorts along the waterfront. There are only a few of these major properties, and while they are all very comfortable, their accommodations and amenities are more modest than the top options in most Caribbean destinations. For a greater selection of luxury resorts in the area, look to the remote regions of Belize near the country’s major attractions like rainforests and Mayan ruins.

Mid-range hotels can mostly be found in the Fort George area, leaving most of the budget accommodations in the Central Business District. When choosing a discount priced property, be sure to look into what types of security features are in place at each hotel. Belize City can be dangerous at night, and it’s a good idea to spend a little extra for hotels with security lighting, interior entries and guards.

Belize City Hotel Recommendations

The most prominent hotel in Belize City is the Radisson Fort George Hotel & Marina, located closer than any other hotel to the Belize Tourism Village and the cruise ship port. Rooms near the top of its six-story tower have some of the city’s best waterfront views, and resort-style features found throughout the property include three restaurants, two outdoor pools and a poolside Tiki bar with live music.
North of Fort George, the Princess Hotel & Casino is the largest hotel in town with 181 rooms. The casino, restaurants and cocktail lounges provide a fun and social atmosphere around the clock, and every single room at this hotel has a waterfront view.

If you prefer something more intimate, you’ll find quiet and charming rooms at The Great House, a colonial mansion situated on a scenic Fort George street. With 16 rooms, The Great House offers the privacy of a hotel with an atmosphere more like a B&B. A genuine B&B, D’Nest Inn, is located just north of town between Belize City and the airport. Its four individually appointed rooms are cozy and clean, and the house’s gracious hosts serve an excellent daily breakfast.

Belize City Transportation

While road congestion in Belize City is rarely an issue, driving can be confusing for anyone unfamiliar with the city streets. Furthermore, taxis in Belize City are easy to find and very cheap compared to those in the U.S., so it’s hard to justify renting a car after your flight to Belize City arrives. Unless you want to do a lot of far-flung exploring on your own, stick with walking and cabs when you’re in town and use private or group tour companies to reach the outlying areas.

Belize City taxis vary in model, year, color and overall appearance, so be sure to look for the rooftop light to spot one. For safety’s sake, make a point of taking a cab everywhere after dark. Fort George, the harbor front and the Central Business District are all fairly safe and easy to explore on foot during daylight hours.

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