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Travelzoo Unveils 5 Wow Deal Destinations for 2012

Get your passports ready for 2012! Travelzoo has selected its five Wow Deal Destinations for 2012 from cities and countries spanning the globe.

Click here to check out the flight, hotel, vacation and entertainment deals that made us go “wow!” and got us planning trips to these winning destinations below. 

  • Japan: Japan has historically been one of the most expensive Asian destinations for American travelers. However, aggressive deals that didn’t exist a year ago are popping up all over the country now -- a bid to recoup tourism levels that existed before the March tsunami and earthquake. Tourism has become a top priority for the country, now that it's safe to welcome visitors with open arms. Hotel prices are dropping considerably to attract foreign business, including 4-star properties in Tokyo and Kyoto. Flight deals are also popping up more often with more routes available, including a nonstop service from Boston to be added in 2012.
  • Costa Rica: More airlines are catching on that Costa Rica is the place to be in Central America. This has resulted in better fares to a country that touts itself as the Happiest Country in the World. With eco-travel at the forefront for many visitors in 2012, Costa Rica is the perfect destination to get in touch with nature in an adventurous way. From volcanoes to the beach to ziplining across the rainforest, there are plenty of options to experience all that Costa Rica has to offer, with many vacation packagers bundling it all together for you at a significant savings.
  • Orlando: You don’t need your passport to visit Mickey Mouse or the world’s most beloved wizard. Family-friendly hotels run the show with price points considerably less than $100 per night and often are including valuable extras, from daily breakfast or free transportation to the theme parks. Not to mention flight deals are almost always available at this easily accessible airport.
  • Europe's Mediterranean: European vacations can set travelers back a pretty penny (or Euro) these days, but one of the most cost-effective ways to see the continent is aboard a cruise ship with accommodations, meals, transfers and entertainment all included. Mediterranean cruises are becoming more popular and in 2012 we’ll see a record amount of ships (some of the newest and top-rated!) sent across the pond from companies including Norwegian, Royal Caribbean and Celebrity. Ports of call include Spain, France, Greece and Italy -- with weeklong cruise prices starting at less than $600 per person.
  • Thailand: The Land of Smiles has always been one of Asia’s most affordable countries to visit. Expect hotel and tour prices to be even more competitive next year, as the country looks to boost tourism following record flooding in 2011. Between bustling Bangkok and beautiful beaches, Thailand offers something for every traveler and the U.S. dollar goes incredibly far -- currently worth 31 Thai Baht. This means 4- and 5-star hotels, like The Four Seasons, are often available for less than $200 per night.

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