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Tourism Boards Partner for Unique Malaysia & Thailand Trip

When most travelers think of Southeast Asia vacations, the country of Malaysia isn’t always first to mind; yet this vibrant country that sees a mix of bustling cities and untouched paradise is exactly what most travelers crave in a bucket list destination.

Tourism Malaysia and the Tourism Authority of Thailand have partnered with Friendly Planet Travel to bring Travelzoo subscribers a unique package that showcases the vibrant city of Bangkok and the exotic rainforests of Borneo, Malaysia, for $1999 per person, including airfare and all taxes. This $400-off package combines the best of both worlds -- temples and royal palaces, plus unique and untouched wildlife.

The $1999 price is good for the Dec. 3 departure, with 2014 dates $100-$200 more per person. 

Highlights of the tour include spotting orangutans in their natural habitat, cruising the Engkari River to an Iban longhouse where an entire village lives under one roof, and seeing the Reclining Buddha in Bangkok.

One of our deal experts lived in Malaysia and gave us these tips:

  • There's a favorable exchange rate: According to xe.com, $1 US dollar equals to 3.18 Malaysia Ringgit (as of fall 2013).
  • Malaysia has a relatively well-developed network of ground transportation, as well as air and boat, which connects peninsular Malaysia to Borneo.
  • Don’t be alarmed by the afternoon rains; they pass quickly and cut the humidity.
  • As a former British colony, most people speak English in addition to Malay, Tamil, or Mandarin. This makes getting around a lot easier.
  • With three major religious groups, festivals abound all year long. Check out the festivities during the annual Mooncake Festival, Hari Raya or Deepavali.
  • Try the diverse cuisine, dishes draw influences from Malay, Chinese and Indian cooking.
  • Borneo is home to the world’s largest flower: the rafflesia

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