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Tips on Cruise Vacation Safety

As an avid cruiser myself, the recent tragedy aboard the Costa Concordia doesn’t dissuade me at all from cruising again. It does, however, remind us that accidents can occur on any type of vacation and preparedness can help prevent an accident from turning into a disaster.

Here are a few tips for cruising, both before setting sail and while on board.

  • Before booking a cruise, if you are concerned about safety records with regard to food and sanitation, the CDC is the best place to get information on each ship -- I'd recommend checking here first.
  • It is important to attend the safety briefing (known as a muster drill) once you board this ship so you and your fellow travelers know where to go in case of an emergency. I'd also recommend making note of where your lifejacket is located in your cabin as well as elsewhere on the ship.
  • Store important and not-easily-replaceable medication and a photocopy of your passport in an easy to grab location in your cabin in case of an emergency evacuation and remember to always bring these with you when you disembark in port.
  • Make a plan with your friends/family and a meet-up spot in case of emergency (or a lost family member). Without cell phones it can be difficult to locate family members at sea, especially if everyone splits up for different activities. Another option is walkie-talkies -- these are extremely helpful in locating each other and staying in contact while having fun on the ship.
  • Lastly, it is a good idea when traveling abroad on a cruise or otherwise to register with the U.S. government so if there is an emergency, they will know your whereabouts and can more effectively help you with paperwork, temporary passports, etc.
  • Cruising is an extremely safe form of travel and is ideal for a family vacation but you can never be too prepared for an emergency, so make a plan, stay in touch and have a blast at sea!

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Friday, January 27, 2012
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